Cofounder Anahata Katkin

Cofounder Anahata Katkin


FIREWEED is a celebration of the botanical matrix. Flower & plant specimens have been lovingly suspended in time through the art of pressing and drying. Pulling inspiration from the arts n crafts movement of the 70s, the Victorian Era archives, Floriography and fond personal memories. FIREWEED is a modern day, interpretative revival of a centuries old tradition based on raw & heartfelt illustrations by artist and Cofounder, Anahata Katkin.

Anahata’s earliest memories & inspirations are of sun-lit flowers & stain glass reflections in her family’s Alaskan cabin windows, where her Mother & FIREWEED Cofounder, Gina created handmade pressed flowers & stained glass pieces. Growing up in the Boreal forests these memories of creative family life & early interactions with nature are our foundation. FIREWEED is a nod to simpler times and true botanical nostalgia.

fireweed flower.jpg

“…where fireweed fields bloom as tall as you can stand, fuzzy blue bells grow under birch, and wild roses abound.”

Established in 2019, Mother and Daughter duo, Gina & Anahata Katkin have been working side by side since 2003. That was the year they founded their first stationery brand; sister company PAPAYA that is celebrated today in over 12 countries. The two celebrated their 15 year anniversary by launching the FIREWEED story and collections.